Treatbot Park

Treatbot Park San Jose CA

A karaoke ice cream park

Eastridge Mall, San Jose, CA
Fall 2017

Nestled in a service dock at a neighborhood mall in San Jose...

Public Space Authority identified this space as a potential public space. The project builds on Eastridge Mall's beautification project that wrapped inactive exterior walls of the mall in murals painted by Bay Area artists. In partnership with Treatbot, PSA added whimsy and delight to this southeast-facing service dock to play into the needs of the area’s present users. Previously a cold and dark corner that acted as a quick drop-off or pick-up point for mall-goers, Treatbot Park has become a meeting point and dwelling space for families with children and groups of young adults who gather at the park to play lawn games, battle in a game of ping-pong, and eat ice cream. 

Treatbot Park, Eastridge Mall
Treatbot Park, Eastridge Mall